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Our resources correspond with our transition programmes & initiatives with related organisations

Local Drug Action Committee

Drug addiction is ravaging communities around Pretoria. Get involved in our fight for a drug-free, responsible & active society

Career Guidance Centre

Visit our Carreer Guidance Centre for a steer in the right carreer of your choice

Online Courses

We offer you the opportunity to study what you love online with ARC specialists aiding you with resources, guidelines & networks in your chosen field.

Environmental Awareness Centre

Get involved in our environmental awereness programmes, intergrate your skills, connect with the family

About us

A formidable structure consistently fighting towards improving itself by gaining resources to have sustainable development, continuous improvement of the youth contribution to the community changes and improvements through art and culture.

Resourceful programs and events
Media discussions
Business development conference
Facilitating online courses
Drug awareness walk

In the future we are working on forming partnerships with like - minded agencies in seeing that we get quicker results in obtaining high quality consistently.

Our aims are to provide our community with a workstation that seeks greater wisdom and a mediator that makes the ability of sharing such greater wisdom easier than ever, as well as with the help of our creative team, this will be more accessible to our youth and vibrant market.

In conjunction to building our very own Akasia Resource Centre. We invite all people in Akasia to please complete the #ARC questionnaire & share. In trying to create a survey upon the realization that there is a shortage for an area in different parts of Akasia where there could be guided interaction between the youth on a reproductive dialogue which helps to assist in the advanced learning of graphics, technology, and entrepreneurial skills.


work engine (developing, facilitating & supplying skill)


resources (equipment, stationary & working capital)


intercative presence


information distribution & sharing







Our Portfolio

A brief glimpse of projects & initiatives we've been involved in the past 3 years

Community Walk

ART Community


Jooz Photography

Akasia Family Market

Music, Drama, Dance, Poetry

London Fashion Show


Raga Bolo Like

Local Football Club

Last TV

Alternative Media Channel

Co. Registration & Corp ID Packages

Obione Design

Community Walk

ART Transitions

The Team

Please feel free to connect with the team, we're always available to answer all your questions & offer assistance where applicable

Jenay Tovel

Finance Operator


Tebello Morabe




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Visual Literacy 012

Connect with our friends at Visual Literacy 012
Sign up to exhibit your work online, get updates on events & exhibitions>> fb: Visual Literacy 012



Latest Transitions

news / programmes / openings / initiatives / exhibitions / events

Hit us up if you'd like to advertise your company, showcase your work or host an event with us reception@artnpo.co.za




Get Online Right Now

If your business is not online, it's invisible
Unlimited Pages, Unlimited Updates, Unlimited Hosting Resources For 6 Months>> obionedesign.co.za


Use the power of your staff to make a real difference in South Africa
Get help for your cause or offer your skills to a cause in and around your area. Check out>> forgood.co.za




graphics, design, web, multimedia, concepts
All the latest in the world of graphic design, illustration, traditional, multimedia, architecture, interior, furniture, street art, ideas, concepts check out @noodlez_88# on twitter or visit noodlez88.co.za


A pan-African writers' collective

Our aim is to publish literature by African authors regularly by making it as easy as possible for any member to publish anything or execute any literary project as quickly and effectively as possible>> www.jalada.org


A+ Students

cmaths soroban education

In the programme, we help children to develop both their left and right brain capabilities. At the same time A+Students by CMATHS aims at creating a love for Maths>> www.cmaths.co.za


Creative Bloq

Home Of Creativity
Daily design tips and inspiration. visit>> www.creativebloq.com



Zing PM

Marketing Experts
We specialize in bringing about change in businesses of certain characteristics through a myriad of feasible and viable approaches. www.zingpm.co.za



Smart Monkey TV

Tech & Innovation

Interviews with African creators and innovators at the crossroads of technology and culture. www.smartmonkey.com




Project Isizwe

Free WiFi
Project Isizwe believes that the best means of addressing inequality is the deployment of government-funded Free WiFi throughout public spaces in low-income communities. projectisizwe.org


For Visual Artists
VANSA operates as a development agency for the visual arts in South Africa, promoting connection, access and innovation in our industry. vansa.co.za



Arts & Culture Trust

For All Artists
South Africa's premier independent arts and culture funding and development agency www.act.org.za

Black Business SA

Deconstructing the black business landscape. Register Your Black Business On Our Database: www.blackbusinessdirectory.org


Writers Afrika

Calling All Scribes

An African writer's only guide to writing opportunities and jobs. visit>> www.writersafrika.org



The largest online community of venture capitalists, angels and entrepreneurs dedicated to building businesses on the African continent. www.vc4a.com








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  • Address: 11 Contance, Koos Prinslo Street, The Orchards
  • Phone: 081 365 5882
  • Email:info@artnpo.co.za